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 Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8)

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Head Admins

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Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8) Empty
PostSubject: Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8)   Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8) EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 6:02 pm

2. Events

This server needs some more COD'ish features, I'm thinking that it needs some more events.
What I think are the best one's:

Hardpoint : Replace /ec with Hardpoint. Why you ask? Well because it's a gamemode in COD and it makes more sense for me. In Hardpoint you need to capture and hold a position, just like in /ec. So just changing this event's name is what I think it needs. Cmd's name : /hp

Free For All : Not an event maybe, but it's pretty much a deathmatch free for all arena, how hard can it be to add it? Cmd's name : /ffa

Capture The Flag : A marker appears in the map somewhere , which players have to go to, simple, easy, what can go wrong with a little event like that? Cmd's name : /ctf (To activate it as an admin)

That's just a few of the events that are possible to add. If you like them i will write some more.

3. Perks.

How cool it would be if players could have perks? These are some of the perks that I think should be added. It would only be possible to have 2 perks equipped at a time, and a more powerful perk would need the player to have more score.

Flak Jacket : This perk would be handy when fighting against players who use explosive's against you (Or tanks , Hydras, Hunters.). It would reduce the damage that you get from explosives by up to 30% (30% could be changed, just an example.)

Blind Eye : This perk removes you from the map completely, you are undetectable(Even players using the "Spy" class cant detect you if you are a "Sniper").

Hardline : This perk gives you extra score whenever you complete an action that gives you score(Example: Kills, zone captures.)The increased score amount can be anything not too big and not too small. I couldn't think of any extra score amount... So maybe you can answer that for me ?

Scavenger : This perk replenishes some of your ammo, give you couple extra grenades as well when you kill another player.

Toughness : This perk grants some protection against everything thrown at the player(From bullets to explosions). Maybe like 5% damage reduction when this perk is equipped?

Extreme Conditioning : This perk would give you more stamina so you can run longer when equipped. May be pretty useless, but that is for you to decide.

Cmd to access the perks menu : /perks

That's the perks that I think should be made, and added in to the game! I hope you liked them, now let's move on.

Weapon attachments/upgrades : I think that there should be upgradable weapons. Just some simple upgrades that wouldn't make any weapon "Over Powered"
So, I think that when a player reaches a specific amount of kills with (For example) Desert Eagle. He can upgrade that Deagle's damage by a little bit.
Example :
250 Kills with a Deagle : Damage upgrade to deal up to +5% more damage, Cost 150000$ (Yes, prices should be big, because it IS a "damage" upgrade.)

500 Kills with a Deagle : Damage upgrade to deal up to +10% more damage, Cost 300000$

1000 Kills with a Deagle : Damage upgrade to deal up to +15 more damage, Cost 750000$

And so on with guns like Combat Shotgun, M4, AK.

Cmd to access upgradable weapons menu : /wupg

4.(Long gone topic) Achievements

If you agree that there should be achievements added which would grant rewards when completed, +1 this idea and I will make a list of possible achievements, since my previous post of it... got deleted.

5. Renaming /bag

Simply renaming /bag to /tac, /tac stands for Tactical insertion, just like in the real COD's, would make more sense. Features would be the same, you would respawn on it until it would get destroyed.

I have more ideas. If the server will have more players, I will definitely write them in here. Hope you liked them.
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Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8)   Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8) EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 6:20 pm

All this Suggestion i'am already working on them for our new UPDATE Smile
Thanks for your Suggestion
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Make more things/Features Good luck :P 8)
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