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 ~Event~ Time..

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PostSubject: ~Event~ Time..   Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:16 am

Hello Community!
i would like to start our first event...
Invite 25Players on server and you will got | V.I.P Rank 3 | for 1Mounth + 1000score IG
Invite 20Players on server and you will got | V.I.P Rank 2  | for 1Mounth + 600score IG
Invite 15Players on server and you will got | V.I.P Rank 1  | for 1 Mounth + 300score IG

Invite 40Players and you will got V.I.P Rank+Admin level2+2000score IG

Good Luck Guys
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~Event~ Time..
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