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 Staff application format and rules(*)

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PostSubject: Staff application format and rules(*)   Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:10 pm

Application format

In-Game name:
Why do you want to be operator:
Why should we choose you as operator:
Why shouldn't we choose you as operator:
What's your timezone:
Do you have experience as admin:
Real life age:
Do you agree to follow all the Community server(s)/Forum rules??:
Post a screenshot of your stats in-game:

Reasons why your application can be denied:
- Not being patient
- Messaging staff members to give you support on your application.
- Copying other applications
- Breaking any rule In-game/forums.
- Being banned/tbanned from server and lying.
- If you have resigned(or) got fired in the last 2 months, no exceptions.
- Lying to the staff members.
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Staff application format and rules(*)
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